Domino’s Pizza Cheers TV Commercial

If you have been watching regular TV channels, chances are, you may have caught the latest Domino’s Pizza Pie Pass TV ad. If have seen the ad and it somehow resonate with you, well, congratulation, you are old because, Cheers.

Domino’s Pizza Cheers TV Commercial
Serious fans will immediately see Cheers in this Domino’s ad.

To promote its new Pie Pass “technology,” Domino’s has created a TV ad that plays on the popular 80s American sitcom where one of the main character/bar regular Norm Peterson was recognized immediately whenever he enter the watering hole.

Even the stool at the bar that he always settled himself on is kind of unspoken Norm’s seat. No one takes Norm’s seat. No one, ever!

Domino’s Pizza Cheers TV Commercial

Anyways, the digitally blended in Norm in the commercial, however, wasn’t instantly recognized because, he ain’t got Pie Pass. Duh. Clever. The ad becomes even more clever when you know what Pie Pass suppose to do:

“Domino’s carryout customers who order and pay online or via the app will be eligible to use Pie Pass. When they arrive in the parking lot and are about to enter the store, they can check in on the Domino’s Tracker® or order confirmation page, which will give the store team members a head start on making sure the order is ready to go. The in-store digital menu board will welcome the customer by name, and store team members will be ready for a speedy handoff, making for a perfect pizza pickup!”

Very clever indeed. But like I have said, this ad will only resonate with you if you are old enough to know Cheers. It will resonate even more if you are a fan of the memorable sitcom. Oh, you only like Frasier. Sorry, can’t help with that.

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Images: YouTube (Domino’s Pizza).