Domino’s Pizza Introduced Pie Pass With TV Ad “Starring” Norm Peterson Of 80s Sitcom Cheers

If you have been watching regular TV channels, chances are, you may have caught the latest Domino’s Pizza Pie Pass TV ad. If have seen the ad and it somehow resonate with you, well, congratulation, you are old because, Cheers.

Domino’s In The U.S. Wants To Save Your Pizza From Potholes

If your municipal can’t get its act and fix up potholes on the roads, pizza chain Domino’s will gladly do so on your municipal’s behalf – all in the name of preventing potholes from ruining your pizza. Don’t laugh. This is actually happening in the U.S. and it should count as an embarrassment for the […]

Domino’s Japan Use Reindeer For Delivery To Beat The Extreme Snow

You know how Domino’s Australia and New Zealand are making strides in autonomous delivery? And you would think Domino’s in Japan, a country known for technology and robots, would do better? Well, not quite. Ok, to be fair, tech wasn’t quite involved here; instead a reindeer was used. Wait, what? Yes, a reindeer. You know […]

Domino’s Pizza DRU Drone Made First Pizza Delivery In New Zealand

If there’s one thing Domino’s is known for besides pizzas, it would be the company’s relentless pursue of improving pizza delivery. In addition to specially customized delivery vehicles, exploring the possibly of autonomous robot deliveries and one-click order-to-delivery, it has now made the world’s first pizza delivery by a drone to real customers living in […]

Meet DRU, Domino’s Australia’s Idea of Autonomous Pizza Delivery

While Amazon is still working on using drones to deliver parcels, pizza seller Domino’s in Australia proposed to deliver pizza autonomously on solid ground. Described as a “ground-breaking, world-first initiative,” the autonomous delivery vehicle called DRU, short for Domino’s Robotic Unit, was the brainchild of Domino’s DLAB and is powered by Australia startup Marathon Robotics […]

Soon, Ordering Domino’s Pizza Will Be Just One Physical Button Click Away

The overall process of takeaway changed when home/office delivery made headway. From then on, ordering your favorite food, such as pizzas and burgers, is just a phone call away. When mobile apps arrived, it gets even easier, well, kind of – if talking to someone isn’t your fancy. However, if touching and swiping on a […]