Domino’s Pizza Paving For Pizza

If your municipal can’t get its act and fix up potholes on the roads, pizza chain Domino’s will gladly do so on your municipal’s behalf – all in the name of preventing potholes from ruining your pizza. Don’t laugh. This is actually happening in the U.S. and it should count as an embarrassment for the mayor or whoever is in charge. The reason being, Domino’s believe that a smooth ride home is essential for their freshly-made pizzas and that any cracks, bumps, potholes or any other undesirable road conditions for that matter can put good pizzas at risk.

Domino’s Pizza Paving For Pizza

This is not new though. As it turns out, Domino’s has already worked with four municipalities to help repair roads in Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Delaware; Athens, Georgia, and Burbank, California. If you have came across road paving works with Domino’s branding on it, you can consider the mystery solved. Those in Stateside who wish to nominate their town for the so-called paving grant from the pizza giant can hit and enter the zip code.

But not everyone who submit the request will be granted. If your town is fortunate to be picked, you will be notified and the city will receive funds to help with the repair. In an official statement, Domino’s also invite customers to “celebrate smooth roads” with them with a carryout special, featuring large three-topping pizzas for $7.99. Yup. That’s a clever marketing campaign right there. But hey, who’s complaining, right? I am guessing no one. Oh, in case you can’t see how bad roads can lead to messed up pizzas, here’s how devastating it can be:

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Images: Domino’s.

Domino’s via autoevolution.