AM General NXT 360 Light Tactical Vehicle

34 years old. That’s how old the iconic Humvee is today. If the conflicts over the decades have proven anything, it has proven the vulnerability of this rugged-looking light military transport. The U.S. Department of Defense knew very well and have had asked for an answer. The result was the Oshkosh Defense’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV.

But alas, it is not compact and nimble like the original rugged military vehicle. AM General, the maker of the original Humvee, thinks it might have the answer with a new Light Tactical Vehicle called NXT 360. Unveiled at the Eurosatory 2018, this “next-generation” of the HMMWV platform is designed with greater survivability, improved off-road mobility, higher payload capacity, enhance stopping capability, and finally, increased power.

It has kinetic energy threat protection, blast threat protection, blast seats and mats, as well as transparent armor to increase the survivability of those inside it. We heard, it has B7 level of protection which makes it safe from AK-47 attacks from any direction, plus the front wheels are rated to level Stanag 2a, and the rear wheel and center undercarriage front wheel rated at Stanag +1, which should grant it enough resilience to a 13.2-pound anti-tank mine and hand grenade blast.

Mobility aspect, it has a more powerful air compressor that can quickly alter the pressure of the tires to transition from on- to off-road and vice versa. In addition, higher ground clearance, wheel travel and larger tires all worked to a better off-road performance, including boost in approach and departure angles, and ride comfort over unforgiving terrains.

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It can certainly haul more too – thanks to the upgraded suspension which bumps its GVW to 15,500 lbs (7,100 kilograms) and more performance from under the hood, as offered by a P400 electronically controlled 6.5L V8 turbocharged engine that kicks out 250 horses (186 kW) and 460 lb-ft (624 Nm) of torque – paired to a 6L85e 6-speed gearbox.

For some reasons, AM General think it is crucial to point out that the NXT 360 is blessed a suite of equipment, including ABS, ESC, traction control and an autonomous break control interface, that will ensure a decisive (and safe) stopping power. And seriously, why not?

To further entice potential customers, AM General is also eager to boast NXT 360’s versatility, such as it being capable as a self-propelled howitzer with a thing called HMMWV Hawkeye 105mm Howitzer Kit. A Humvee with a big-ass gun. Imagine that! But not be misled by its namesake… this Hawkeye will definitely do more than an arrow damage. It’s 105mm for god’s sake!

But why an international trade show for a vehicle that only sole buyer is the Pentagon? Well, remember that the U.S. is more or less set on the L-ATV? Understanding this, AM General wouldn’t possibly pass up on the chance for other defense agencies to enjoy its next-gen Humvee. I know I wouldn’t.

We only found one image on the NXT 360. To compensate for our incompetence (in finding more images), here’s a video of the big-ass gun-on-a-HMMWV for your viewing pleasure:

Images and source: Foxtrot Alpha.