Tracked vehicles are pretty cool machines. They can traverse across a wide range of terrains, but they come with a hefty price tag and are more expensive to upkeep, and that’s not to mention they generally lack the speed and agility of wheeled counterpart. And so the obvious choice for transportation of soldiers in the field is still the good’ol wheeled vehicles. Speaking of wheeled military vehicles, Oshkosh Defense has submitted their proposal for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) production in response to U.S. government’s Request for Proposal for JLTV Low Rate Initial Production and Full Rate Production.

Based on the firm’s Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) platform, the JLTV Family of Vehicle comprises of both four- and two seat variants and is designed to operate in any climate or terrain. It is outfitted wit hTAK-4i independent suspension to tackle off-road terrains while not sacrificing on ride quality and also allows for faster speeds. Also incorporated is a digitally-controlled engine that helps to maintain steady, fuel-efficient power without affecting the speed. Being a combat vehicle, survivability is the key with Oshkosh Core1080 Crew Protection System taking the centerstage in this aspect.

And did we mention that it well connected too? Yup. When you are out there slugging out, maintaining communication is as important as protection and maneuverability, and leveraging on the firm’s expertise as the OEM of in-vehicle communication systems, the JLTV will be fully integrated, net-ready when it rolls into to the battlefield. Of course, other details such as self-defense capabilities like mounted machine gun, gun shield, optics and such, and other field-orientated amenities are not for us to know. Anyways, looking past its combat application, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is a seriously handsome truck, which we wish there is a civilian version – less the thick “hide”, of course.

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