Domino’s Pizza The Easy Order Button

The overall process of takeaway changed when home/office delivery made headway. From then on, ordering your favorite food, such as pizzas and burgers, is just a phone call away. When mobile apps arrived, it gets even easier, well, kind of – if talking to someone isn’t your fancy. However, if touching and swiping on a mobile app proves too much of a chore even, then look no further than this “The Easy Order” Button from Domino’s Pizza United Kingdom.

You will still need to lay the foundation, though, so to speak, as the button works in sync with the app via Bluetooth, which means you will have to log in your details like address, payment method, and of course, the choice of order into Domino’s website or the mobile app. These information are saved, so whenever you feel like devouring your favorite food from Domino’s, just hit the cute little magnetic button and the order will be delivered to you. I cannot imagine how more simple ordering of delivery can get. So I guess, when it comes to ease of ordering delivery, there’s no doubt that Domino’s Pizza UK’s “The Easy Order” button takes the cake.

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For days when you feel like it isn’t too much of a trouble picking up your mobile phone, waking it up and firing up Domino’s UK mobile app, you can also use the app’s virtual button to make the order – but only and only if those three steps won’t tire you out. The Easy Order Button is reportedly hitting the UK under a “socially led” competition, after which it will get a second release in February 2016. So, Domino’s-loving, UK folks, are you ready for an easier life?

via Technabob