Downhill Machine is how future skateboards should look like

Downhill Machine by Nuno Pereira for POWA 544x368px
how much further can you improve on a downhill skateboard? the answer is: “a whole lot.” don’t believe? just look at what designer Nuno Pereira has designed for Powa. dubbed the Downhill Machine it is not just any other longboard downhill goer, it has the flexibility for adjustment that befits a race car. i know the gorgeous looking carbon fiber deck is caressing your eyes but the sophisticated top-mounted aerospace-grade aluminum trucks deserved to share some limelight with the deck.

each individual trucks can be fine tuned independently to adjust the width (or stance, if you prefer), angle, wheelbase, ground clearance, life, and downforce. these myriad of adjustments allow the rider to adjust in detail to his or her specific needs while looking super cool. performance aside, it certainly beats conventional skateboards hands-down in the look department. check out more images of this awesome downhiller after the break.

via Yanko Design

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