dream of flying? you can, with the FlyNano for $36,000

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FlyNano | from €25,000.00 | www.flynano.com

no, the FlyNano is not a concept. it is a real flying machine that weighs under 70 kg. you read that right. this aircraft weighs less than me. how is that possible? but the truth is, it is a reality now. the brain behind the breakthrough FlyNano personal air transport is Aki Suokas, an aviation consultant, flight designer and enthusiastic pilot. ten years ago, Suokas envisioned a new flight design that would weight less than 70 kilos and today, this dream is being realized.
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Flynano is a waterborne single-seat fun flyer with an advanced carbon fiber composite construction. it has a wingspan of 4.8 meters, a nose to tail length of just 3.8 meters and a height of 1.5 meters. three variants are available: the electric-powered series E200, the petrol-powered series G240 and the uprated racing models series R260/300. the FlyNano has a maximum take off weight of 200 kg and has a service ceiling of 3 kilometers (9,840 feet). it has a maximum airspeed of 140 km/h at 75% power with a theoretical range of 70 km. as mentioned, the FlyNano is a fun flyer, hence in this respect it does not have space for either cargo or passengers. it will be just you having all the fun. kind of selfish, but that’s how it is for now.

the best part about FlyNano is, pilot license is entirely optional. though, having one or experience with ultras or micros would ensure that you get to fly the Nano right out of the box. want one? well, here’s the good news: the FlyNano can be yours starting from €25,000 (about US$36,000) and runs up to €27,000 (about US$39,000). if you’re feeling rich, you might want to grab one of the trailer/storage box for €5,300 (about US$7,650).

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finally, you may want to note that the Nano only take off and lands on water, so perhaps you want to make sure that aspect is covered. it looks like the trailer/storage box could be a necessary evil, unless the lake or sea is just outside your doorstep.

FlyNano via Uncrate

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