Dronyx Solarino Beach Cleaner Robot

The #TrashTag challenge saw many people rolling up their sleeves to pick up trash. We learned from this viral challenge that the beach side is possibly one of the most littered places on Earth and we also learned that picking up trash from sandy beach is a very laborious task. This is exactly why Dronyx developed the Solarino Beach Cleaner Robot.

The Solarino is almost like the Roomba for the beach, except that it isn’t autonomous; it needs to be remotely manned. Notwithstanding the remotely manned nature, Solarino still solves one of the thorniest issue when it comes to beach maintenance: labor. Instead of using an army of staff to comb the beach, you now need only one and getting the job done significantly quicker.

Dronyx Solarino Beach Cleaner Robot

Solarino is a two-part system. The first part is the tracked robot itself that provides the mobility and the second part is sand sifter and debris collection system that scoops up trash from the sandy beach, wet or dry. The rake system is towed along by the Solarino which itself is capable of hauling up to 2,200 lbs (1,000 kilograms) behind it.

Solarino is outfitted with rubber tracks to enable it to traverse across sandy beaches and it is 100 percent electrically driven, powered by a combination of GEL batteries and solar energy. Solarino can do more than sifting trash from sand; it can also be use to remove algae and seaweed simply by attaching it with the sand rake. Moreover, it can be use to haul small boats if the situation calls for it and the last we read, it can also use to level the beach for events like beach volleyball.

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Seriously, how is this little guy not being mention by more people already?

Images: Dronyx.

Source: Autoblog.