Forget RGB keyboards. If you want to add colors to your trusty keyboard, colorful keycap set is the way to go. The Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set will let you do just that. There’s nothing like the good’ol colorful keycaps to say you a geek with taste.

Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set

The Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set celebrates the colorful revolution of keyboards kick started by Cherry Corp – the Germany headquartered American that some say is the world’s oldest computer keyboard manufacturer.

Based on the legendary 1994 Handarbeit keyboard from Cherry Corp, the colorful nature of these keycaps will put a smile on your face.

Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set

Here’s what is so colorful about this keycap set and why it matters:

“In 1994 today’s vast array of keycap color options was a pipe dream. At the time, keyboard manufacturer Cherry Corp was an industry leader when it came to reproducing colors. To showcase their capabilities, they created two sample keyboards—but little did they know how important they’d become. Meaning “handmade” in German, Handarbeit is a faithful recreation of the colors from the now-iconic piece. Jumping from purple to red, yellow, and blue across a single row, the keycap set comprises bold primary colors that have become legendary in the collector community. Sculpted in tall SA profile, SA Handarbeit is made of doubleshot ABS plastic for a long-lasting construction and comfortable feel.”

Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set

The keycap set is compatible with ortholinear keyboards including Planck, Preonic and more.

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The Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set is available in fully sculpted base kit or flat R3 SA profile base kit, as well as Numpad and Spacebars, and it is exclusively at at a special pre-order price for a limited time, at US$130 (U.P. US$150).

The pre-order period will end April 30 at 11:59PM PT. So, if you really want a set, be sure to act on it soon.

Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set

On a side note. If you are interested in other keycap sets, or if for some reasons, you can’t purchase from, you may want to check out Drop’s new store on Amazon.

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