Dyson Hot. no really, that’s their latest fan’s name

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(credit: Dyson) Dyson Hot Fan Heater | £269.99 | www.dyson.co.uk

at the first look, you might thought this is just another model of Dyson Air Multiplier fan but it is not. well, actually it is but with the added functionality of heating. yes, this sleek little fan can heat up your room, evenly in no time with a user settable temperature of between 1 to 37 degrees celsius and that’s not all. once the desired temperature is reached, the heater stops and the built-in thermostat or sort constantly monitors the room, turning the heater back on once it detects a drop in temperature. if you have used heater with the heating elements exposed before, then the smell of something burning should be a familiar scent to you but not with the Hot since its heating mechanism is tucked away beneath its sleek bladeless fan, burning smell will becomes a thing of past.
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all you will get from Hot is heat that will be evenly distributed in your room. safety aspect is also well covered with its low surface temperatures throughout, and since there are no visible heating elements, the risk of children (or sometime adults, don’t laugh – it happens) getting burnt by it will be eliminated. what’s more, if the machine gets tipped over, the heater automatically turns off. other features include touch-tilt and of course, swiveling function. this cool household gadget is slated to be available in UK nationwide with a price tag of £269.99 ($399.99 in U.S.). no word on its Asia availability though, then again we won’t be needing it in this part of the world. Dyson, what we need is one that churns out cold air. you hear that?

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