eufy is not content with just looking after your house with security cameras and video doorbells. The Anker’s security brand now wants to keep an eye on your parcel too with an innovative video doorbell, simply called eufy Video Doorbell Dual.

eufy Video Doorbell Dual

As the name implies, eufy Video Doorbell Dual has not one but two cameras. It has a forward-facing 2K camera to monitor entryways and a camera angled downwards to enable parcel detection.

The live video from both cameras can be viewed simultaneously in the eufy Security app as a stacked view or as a picture-in-picture (PIP) layout.

The video doorbell integrates advanced local A.I. technology to recognize family, friends, and frequent or recurring visitors, plus identifying packages left at the doorstep.

When a package is placed at the doorstep, eufy Security’s exclusive Delivery Guard technology will notify the user. It will even remind the user if the package hasn’t been collected and warn the user if a stranger makes an approach to the package.

But to be honest, you really can’t do anything if someone is already going to steal it from you. You can probably scream at him or her through the video doorbell two-way speaker but they will probably ignore you and make a dash with the parcel anyways. Just saying…

eufy Video Doorbell Dual

That said, I still think a parcel box may be a better idea. Anyways, the second camera is only part of the solution to counter porch pirates. The video doorbell door further boasts radar and passive infrared (PIR) technology for detecting human presence more accurately, reducing false alarms by up to 95%.

The radar can determine if someone is loitering around the property and send a proactive warning to the user, so you can again, scream at the perpetrator through the speaker, and hopefully, scare him/her away.

As with other eufy security products, there is no monthly fee with the eufy Video Doorbell Dual. The footage is saved locally in the included Homebase 2 which has 16 GB of local encrypted storage.

Now for the good news. For a limited time, you can pick up the eufy Video Doorbell Dual for 15% less at US$219.99 (U.P. US$259.99). We have no idea how long this limited-time deal will last.

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