we probably won’t get there and so, we will never understand why should one pimp up their personal chopper like we did to our down-to-earth four-wheelers. if you happen to spend more time being zipping through the sky more than rolling on solid ground, then we suppose it’s only a logical progression that you might want your sky ride to have that unique look. it is like pimp my ride, the heli chapter, and if you happen to own one of these beauties, the Eurocopter EC145, then you are in for a treat. the BRABUS Limited Edition Livery by BRABUS Private Aviation presents an option to make your EC145 chopper stands from the rest. for an undisclosed amount, your EC145 will be treated to several paint features include red colored door handles and rotor tips, honeycomb design structure on the helicopter’s sides and specially painted, horizontally striped main rotor blades. also included in the package is a carbon fiber-look tail boom and illuminating spots on the landing skids – both of which are features that points towards BRABUS’ automotive lineage. as the name implies, the Eurocopter EC145 BRABUS Limited Edition Livery is merely an exterior cosmetic make-over for your beloved EC145 and does not include an interior do-ups, but if the latter is also your poison, we are sure the good folks over at BRABUS Private Aviation will be able to whip up something to your fancy. learn more about the Eurocopter EC145 BRABUS Limited Edition Livery HERE.

BRABUS Private Aviation via Damn Geeky

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