ever wonder how does the world’s first hybrid auto looks like?

Porsche Semper Vivus 544x399px
(image credit: Porsche)

curious car tech enthusiasts might be wondering when was the first hybrid automobile ever built? apparently, it turns out to be Porsche and it was in the year 1900. dubbed the ‘Semper Vivus‘ (‘always alive’), this serial hybrid drive automobile has two engines charging the batteries and the Porsche electric hub motors provides the drive power. check out the protruding hub at the front wheels. well, i supposed it looks kind of futuristic for a piece of 1900s machine, albeit still looking like a horse carriage in general. it took Porsche four years to recreate this ground breaking innovation by Ferdinard Porsche and since its recreation, it has graced the recent Geneva Motor Show. the recreated Semper Vivus is destined to be part of the collection in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.
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Porsche Semper Vivus 1900 - recreated by Porsche 700x600px Porsche Semper Vivus in 1900 700x600px Porsche Semper Vivus 700x600px

YouTube video via Gizmag

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