Well, here’s something you don’t hear about everyday. YouTuber LilGiantsConstrCo AKA Joe is a RC hobbyist who have spent years excavating his basement with nothing but RC construction toys. The grain farmer who hails from southwest Saskatchewan, Canada, picked up the hobby in 1995 and have since acquire a large fleet of construction equipment models. But that’s not the point. The point is, the man actually expanded his basement by 30 percent, and in the process, removing around 30 cubic meter (1,059 CuFt) of dirt and doing it with his trusty RC excavator and truck.

Excavating Basement With RC Construction Toys

Now, that’s insane. I can only imagine the rate of progress using those tiny machines. Then again, that was probably the best solution than trying to get a mini excavator into the basement and it sure the hell beats the backbreaking labor of using a shovel. Joe did not say how long it took, but it sure looks like it took ages. Apparently that was not it. The RC excavator was also used to create a walkthrough tunnel that leads from his workshop to the basement of his house too. Strangely, though that process only removed 25 cubic meter (883 CuFt) of dirt. Probably a short tunnel, I guess.

LilGiantsConstrCo AKA Joe is the co-founder of a RC truck and construction hobbyists forum that is dedicated to radio controlled heavy commercial hobby. The takeaway of Joe’s feat? RC construction toys totally work! (If you have the time patience and time, that is) Also, Joe has one heck of operating skills and the machine he used was an absolute beast for its size. Don’t believe? Just have a look at the operation in the embedded video below and see how stable that little Deere is.

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Images: LilGiantsConstrCo (YouTube).

Source: Mashable.

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