FedEx Autonomous Delivery Robot

FedEx Autonomous Delivery Bot Will Make Same Day Door-to-Door Delivery

What you see here is FedEx autonomous delivery robot called FedEx SameDay Bot. FedEx SameDay Bot the latest ‘staff’ to join FedEx SameDay City service that operates in 32 markets and 1,900 cities by branded FedEx vehicles and unformed FedEx employees. FedEx SameDay Bot is an autonomous delivery device that will deliver goods from retailers directly to customers’ homes or businesses on the same day. The bot is developed in collaboration with DEKA Development & Research Corp. base on the company’s FDA-approved iBot mobility device for disabled people.

The bot is designed to travel on sidewalks, or along roadsides in the even there aren’t any sidewalks, and it is capable of handling inclines and climbing curbs and short flight of stairs. It can also deal with unpaved surfaces too. No words on if this little guy knows how to take elevator or not. If does not (which is likely the case), I guess it will limit where it can deliver. Obviously, if that’s the case, walk up condominiums or high-rise buildings is out of question. It is a progress, nonetheless.

FedEx Autonomous Delivery Robot

FedEx SameDay Bot is outfitted with a suited of technology, including LiDAR, sensors, cameras and machine-learning algorithms to enable it to navigate autonomously while avoiding obstacles, plot a safe path and adhering to road and safety rules. FedEx expects to test its autonomous delivery robot this Summer in stateside in select cities, including Memphis, Tennessee, pending final city approvals. For this pilot, FedEx is working with several companies, including AutoZone, Lowe’s, Pizza Hut, Target, Walgreens and Walmart to make door-to-door delivery.

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It will be awhile before you see a Sonny-like humanoid knocking on your door to delivery your stuff, but like I said, it is a start. If you are down, you can learn more about FedEx SameDay Bot HERE.

FedEx Autonomous Delivery Robot

Images: FedEx.