feel the need to watch TV on iPhone? CYDLE i30 is here to help

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(credit: CYDLE) CYDLE i30 | US$tba | www.cydle.com

the iPhone and its host of accessories pretty much let you do almost everything but there’s just one thing it can’t do. that is to let you watch TV. till today, we are still restricted to downloading what you desire to watch and store inside the phone for viewing at later time. however, if live streaming is what you are after, then the CYDLE i30 may be just what you need.
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the i30 is an iPhone attachment that acts as a digital receiver for your iPhone, allowing you to watch over-the-air broadcasts by major stations in your locality. so if you want to satisfy your need for live local TV on your iPhone, this is the only option to date. or you can change to a made in China mobile phone that has a built-in TV tuner. anyway, the i30 features its own non-removable built-in rechargeable lithium cell (rate at 1100 mA) so that it won’t tax on the already poor battery performance of your iPhone. it sure sound good, except that over here, local TV station’s programming has nothing to shout about.

however, the i30 is a ‘coming soon’ product, hence there’s still no word on its pricing or availability yet.


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