Hard Graft iMac slipper, er, it is a slipper for your iMac

Hard Graft iMac Slipper 544x368px
(credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft iMac Slipper | €29.00 | www.hardgraft.com

i bet you didn’t expect Hard Graft would have such a product. it’s a slipper but only your iMac gets to wear it. perfect for those (like yours truly here) who love every aspect of customizing the gadgets that they own. let’s admit it. this is the next best thing since the invention of iMac case. don’t agree? just ask yourself this: how many accessories out there are for iMac? next to nothing. so here’s the iMac Slipper to start you off. best of all, it fits the 24-inch iMac, 27-inch iMac and also the current Apple Cinema Display, and it is of wool and leather (Hard Graft’s signature construction). perfect. life’s beautiful, isn’t it so?
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the Hard Graft iMac Slipper cost €29 a pop (about US$42) and is available now on Hard Graft web store. ok, it is not exactly cheap to begin with and you probably don’t need one but its one way to show that you are a person of details. more images after break.

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Hard Graft iMac Slipper 900x600px Hard Graft iMac Slipper 900x600px Hard Graft iMac Slipper 900x600px Hard Graft iMac Slipper 900x600px

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