Alesis IO Dock – pro audio dock for iPad [video]

Alesis IO dock 544x338px
(credit: Alesis) Alesis IO Dock | about US$200.00 |

Alesis (not be confused with Alessi – the french firm) has a dock that will put a smile to any budding iPad musicians. the gadget, dubbed the IO dock, is a dock that allows you to connect to virtually all kinds of audio gear to it. the IO dock will bless your iPad with a host of connectivity needed to create and perform music using the iPad, and is touted to works with most apps in the AppStore. hit the jump for a short intro video of the IO dock.
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the IO dock is set to retail for around $200 but no word on the exact availability, though.

Alesis IO dock 544x288px

Alesis IO dock 544x311px

via Boing Boing

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