first, there was Marshall and now there’s the FX

Marshall Minor FX 700x400px
(image: Marshall) Marshall Major and Minor FX | from US$80.00 |

first, it was just Marshall with its Major and Minor, now there are the Major FX and the Minor FX. so what’s exactly is the FX? well, they are basically iDevices compatible Major and Minor. simple. nothing magical but yet, it is totally a no-brainer to have it the FX way. how else would you answer a call when plugged into your iPhone? so basically, it is just the addition of a microphone to its inline remote. a small but sensible move. along with it are the the original Marshall features like 40mm moving coil dynamic drivers, collapsible construction, vinyl headband, guitar amp-inspired jack and super soft ear cushion for the Major. as for the Minor, expects feature from the originals like 15.4mm moving coil dynamic drivers, tangle resistance fabric cord and the patented EarClick earbuds. the Marshall Major and Minor are available from Marshall Headphones web store for $140 and $80 a pop, respectively. oh, if you are expecting a white version, then you are in for a disappointment cos’ Marshall has no white FX to offer at this moment.
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