When Jules Verne wrote Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873, it was fantasy because, going round the globe in a hot air balloon was near impossible as it was at the mercy of the wind directions, but it would be plausible if the hot air balloon was this: FlyDOO. Dreamed up by a 36-year-old Italian living in France, Leandro Corradini, FlyDOO is an alternative personal air transport. Yes. You heard that right. A hot air balloon as a personal air transportation device.

FlyDOO Steerable Personal Hot Air Balloon

Like, who would have thought of that, right? What makes Corradini’s invention unique is the electric motor unit, called Vectored Thrust Unit, or VTU, that, for the first time in hot air balloon’s history, makes a balloon steerable and even land exactly where you fancy. That’s not even it. It is the lightest hot air balloon in the market. In fact, it is so light that you can carry it in a backpack. Moreover, the basket is foldable and usable as a bike trailer for carrying whatever you desire.

FlyDOO Steerable Personal Hot Air Balloon

Now, that surely sounds like a more viable option to the so-called flying cars we have seen to date. With FlyDOO, the days of smashing into power lines or a ferry, or any other structures, is finally over. Plus, with FlyDOO, the sport of hot air ballooning is now more accessible since you will not need a car trailer, an entourage of ground crew or even a garage. It is truly a game changer and we have no doubt it is going to revolutionize the hot air balloon market.

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FlyDOO Steerable Personal Hot Air Balloon
A look at the FlyDOO developed compact burner.

And now the good news. Leandro Corradini is not keeping this clever creation to himself; he will be bringing FlyDOO to the market for anyone who’s willing to drop the dough. And the asking price? It will be $35,000 for a ready-to-fly unit. And oh, you can customize the balloon to your desire colors, or even add logos and branding too. If you are down for an alternative personal air transport, FlyDOO might be it and if so, you will want to keep a look out for it when it goes live on Kickstarter.

Having said that, you may want to sign up to FlyDOO’s newsletter over at FlyDOO website to be in the know when it becomes available on Kickstarter. In the mean time, have a look at the VTU in action in the video below.

FlyDOO Steerable Personal Hot Air Balloon
It can be used as a bike trailer too.
FlyDOO Steerable Personal Hot Air Balloon
Well, not exactly backpackable, but it can be handled by a single person.

Images courtesy of FlyDOO.

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