Tabletop game has evolved to be not boring and we have folks like Tabletop WitchCRAFT aka John to thank. John is a tabletop RPG crafter who crafts magical landscapes, interactive buildings, water features, dungeons, and more for popular games like Dungeons & Dragons, Frostgrave, HeroQuest, and more. The epic flying ship you see here is one of Tabletop WitchCRAFT’s latest creations and let me tell you this: it would be an understatement to say my mind was blown by this creation.

Flying Ship for Tabletop Gaming by Tabletop WitchCRAFT

This creation was beyond awesome. It was even more epic when John installed it in the middle of a custom tabletop gaming table (of Scott aka @paladinwoodworkingmaine “Durin’s Anvil”) and it raise from the center of the table. It was really a sight to behold.

There are more details in this epic creation than we could detail here. You can see how it comes together in a build walkthrough video embedded below. Anyhoo, all told, this flying ship is 27 inches (about 69 cm) long and took 50 hours to design and another 120 hours to construct. And believe it or not, it is mostly made out of foam and it uses quite a number of magnets to enable quick attachment of accessories.

Flying Ship for Tabletop Gaming by Tabletop WitchCRAFT
Credit: @paladinwoodworkingmaine

The ship is modular with parts that are removable to access the internals, and it has a light-up feature and smoke effects. So who is saying tabletop gaming is boring again?

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Check out John’s Instagram page for even more videos of this mind-blowing build.

Images: Instagram (@tabletopwitchcraft/@paladinwoodworkingmaine)/YouTube (Tabletop WitchCRAFT).

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