Sometimes, vehicle safety features need not to be complex. Take for example, the Ford High-definition Screen Rear View Mirror. It is just about as simple as it is effective as it gets and that is helping the driver of commercial vehicles like Transit and Transit Custom vans to spot cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles being them.

Ford High-definition Screen Rear View Mirror

The beauty of this is, it works for windowless rear doors or if partitions are in the way. All this while, commercial vans have to rely on extra tall side mirrors to let driver see what’s behind it. Unfortunately, side mirrors are, well, just side mirrors. They can’t let driver see the rear that has been blocked.

With the Ford Full Display Interior Mirror, it displays a live feed from a camera on the rear of the van and features automatic brightness control for optimum visibility be it day or night.

Ford High-definition Screen Rear View Mirror

Even better is, the field of view is twice the width of a conventional rear-view mirror, thus offering the driver an expansive view of what’s behind the vehicle which is useful when changing lanes and turning.

This is the one automotive accessory that need no fancy marketing to help upsell it. I mean, it enables what can’t be seen, seen and that is a good enough selling point.

The Ford High-definition Screen Rear View Mirror is available to fit 2014 or later Ford Transit and 2012 or later Transit Custom vans with windowless rear doors and cost about £675 in the U.K.

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The Smart Mirror can be ordered and fitted at any Ford dealer in the U.K. Not sure about elsewhere in the world, though.

Images: Ford [UK].

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