Bellami Hair Gold Vinyl Wrap Yacht

Gold has been and will always be the symbol of richness. If weren’t for the weight of real gold, I pretty sure many richie rich would love to have private jets and yachts crafted in gold. But not all hope is lost if richie rich are after the golden look on those luxury transportation because, LuxWrap is here to help.

Bellami Hair Gold Vinyl Wrap Yacht

LuxWrap is, as the company name hints, wraps thing. Think car wrap, but LuxWrap is more into wrapping boats. The company has recently been commissioned by Bellami Hair to wrapped a $20 million yacht in tiny gold and the result was, well, lets just say that pimp my yacht has a whole new meaning – that’s if anyone has even started it.

The superyacht itself is a luxury that cannot be overstated. It packs accommodation for 12 and comes outfitted with a host of amenities including a gym, spa and, not surprisingly, a hair salon. But who am I kidding right? Who cares about those things. You want to be seen, on the deck, of this gilded watercraft. Not cosy up somewhere inside the boat. I mean, just look at the vessel. It’s pretty stunning, isn’t it?

Bellami Hair Gold Vinyl Wrap Yacht

Even the superyacht’s two tenders weren’t spared from the gold treatment too. They, too, were wrapped in shiny gold vinyl too. Beyond the glitz and glamor that a golden vessel, what impresses us is, the wrap was done without dry docking the watercraft. In other words, the wrap was applied when the ship is in the water.

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Pretty amazing, yeah? But the real boon here is, you can change the look of your vessel literally every week and each time it would “just” cost one tenth of an actual paint job would cost. Sounds like a deal to me (if I had that kind of money) and I imagine it would protect the body of the boat like a car wrap does.

Images: Bellami Hair/LuxWrap.

Source: Luxury Launches.