Not only did Frank Miura, the Japanese parody brand of Swiss hyper luxury watch brand Franck Muller, won the rights to keep its trademark back in 2017, but it is growing and expanding into the realm beyond timepieces.

The brand, which sounds very much like Franck Muller when pronounced in Japanese, is now venturing into golfing accessories.

Aptly referred to as Frank Miura Golf or FMG, the brand is taking pre-order for the somewhat avant-garde design caddy stand golf bag.

Frank Miura Golf Bag Announced in Japan

Measuring 9 inches wide and weighing just 2.8 kilograms (6.2 lbs), the Frank Miura Golf Bag sports the brand’s original color ring design and features a carry handle, shoulder strap, 6-compartment divider and an integrated stand.

The Frank Miura Golf Bag is available to order in Japan now for 26,000 yen (about U$243) plus tax with shipping expected to happen starting May 7.

Also available as part of the FMG line are golf club head covers for the driver, fairway wood as well as utility clubs, big and small tote bags, and a shoe bag.

Images: Frank Miura.

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