Japan’s drone maker G-Force has an announced its first indoor RC helicopter as a stay-home thing-to-do during Japan’s Golden Week. The RC helicopter, dubbed “Incredible”, is a fixed pitch, 4-channel, flybar-less model that comes in a choice of Bind-N-Fly (BNF) or Ready-To-Fly (RTF), and it Mode 1 (throttle on right stick) or Mode 2 (throttle on left stick).

G-Force Incredible 2.4 GHz 4Ch RC Helicopter

RC helicopter has been overshadowed by the advancement in multi-rotor drone technology in recent years. But it also benefited from it too. Perhaps the most notable advancement would be in the area of gyroscope, in which the Incredible is touring a 6-axis gyro that automatically.

6-axis gyro detects and corrects the front, rear, left and right tilts to enable easier flying. The 6-axis gyro also affords it to go flybar-less. For those those who don’t know, RC helicopter used to have a bar with weight on either to end to achieve stable flight. With the advancement in sensing technology, it can now does away with the flybar and thus allowing for a more authentic look and flight experience.

G-Force Incredible 2.4 GHz 4Ch RC Helicopter

Key features of the G-Force Incredible 2.4 GHz 4Ch RC Helicopter an “optimal aerodynamic design,” a high-density 3.7V 300 mAh 25C Li-Po battery good for 15 minutes of flight per charge, dual rate function to switch between gentle and more aggressive flying, dual rotor setup (main + tail), 2.4 GHz 4Ch transmitter (in the case of a RTF), and comparability with Futaba S-FHSS transmitter (for BNF).

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G-Force Incredible 2.4 GHz 4Ch RC Helicopter is available just in time for Japan’s Golden Week for 11,200 yen (about US$110) plus tax for the RTF and 8,800 yen (or US$82) plus tax for the BNF model.

G-Force Incredible 2.4 GHz 4Ch RC Helicopter

Images: G-Force Co., Ltd..

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