as good as any of today’s in-car navigation system is, you will still need to take your eyes off the road. even with the voice directions from your friendly Lord Vader, we still need the visual assurance that we are going the right way. with the Garmin Portable Head-up Display (HUD), it will make your in-car navigation a little less of a dangerous affair by projecting the much needed information such as current speed, speed limit, turn indicator and the distance to the turn, and the estimated time of arrival, on to your ride’s windshield with a special transparent film, or onto an attached reflector lens. basically, the said information will be along the driver’s line of sight, thereby allowing you to keep your eyes on the road as you are guided by the navigation info. the Garmin Portable Head-up Display also works in conjunction with turn-by-turn directions as provided by compatible Garmin or Navigon app via your smartphone speaker or through a Bluetooth-connected car stereo.

the utmost concern about head-up display is the visibility and for that, the Garmin Portable Head-up Display reassures with a crisp display that will automatically adjust the brightness level so that the projected information will be visible in direct sunlight and not too glaring in the night. the device is compatible with any Bluetooth-capable smartphone powered by Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8, which makes it an ideal companion if you rely on your smartphone for navigation purposes. dropping in this summer for a relatively affordable $129.99. and the best part is, you don’t have to have special windscreen for it to work; all it takes is a special transparent film or a reflector lens, which means you can bring from car-to-car if required.

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Garmin via TechCrunch

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