there aren’t many ways you could express your immense adoration for muscle cars when it comes to your iPhone. what you possibly do? a wallpaper that’s probably covered by icons and folders? or ringtone of a thunderous V8 growling, perhaps? frankly, that’s about it. but from March 20, you will have another way of showing your undying love for these legendary muscle cars: the Gasket V8 iPhone 5 Case by id America. as the product name implies, it is a V8 engine’s gasket-inspired iPhone 5 case that offers you the absolute V8 style and at the same time, gives your iPhone 5 the much needed protection against daily knocks and bumps. molded from aircraft-grade aluminum and brushed finished, the Gasket V8 case’s lightweight skeleton structure features an inner that’s lined with suede to guard your phone against scratches by the case and offers some shock absorbing quality against accidental bumps. available in titanium gray, vintage gold, aluminum silver, rally blue, brilliant red, and forest green, this $29.95 iPhone 5 case comes packaged with a front clear screen protector, a microfiber cleaning cloth and an applicator for a well-rounded protection for your precious 5. that’s a pretty neat deal there, if you were to ask us. it’s coming on the 20th this month, so petrol heads, keep your eyes peeled.

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