In an ultimate marketing effort for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Gillette has “collaborated” with fictional ‘Stark Industries’ to introduce four models of superheroes themed razors (aka shavers) that are based on, well, Avengers’ technology. Gillette reportedly said that they “allowed Stark Industries to take over its R&D department at World Shaving Headquarters to deliver an epic shave using Avengers-inspired technology.” The goal was to build a razor that could challenge Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology, which is said to be the Boston-based company’s best shaver to date. Obviously, these so called Gillette x Stark Industries Shavers aren’t real, simply because Stark Industries is fictional (you know that, don’t you?) and many of its ‘technologies’ are as real as the fiction high-tech company, at least for now.

Gillette x Stark Industries Shavers
The original marketing ‘poster’ – pretty convincing, isn’t it?

Gillette even went to length to quote Abe Zimmer of Stark Industries, saying that “Avengers-inspired technology would work in a razor” and as a proof of concept, four prototypes were developed and modelled after the four key Avengers members, namely, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Asgardian hero slash God, Thor. Here are the technology each of the razor possesses:

“The Repulsor1 with Exoblade has an Arc Reactor Technology that generates a perpetual energy supply to obliterate face hairs with Uni-beam pulse bolts. The Gillette XL Gamma with stress-triggered sensors and an unstable molecular structure can increase up to 700% in razor mass and brute shaving force. The Gillette Ultra Strike is rebuilt with Super Soldier Technology and has a rare Vibranium-coated Shield Cartridge that shoots out from the handle to cut targeted hairs. And finally, the Gillette Thunder scorches hairs to the follicle with micro-lightning and an honor based gyro-gravity field to make it borrow-proof.”

Sounds kind of dangerous, doesn’t it? But super cool, nonetheless. And oh, there is a video on these futuristic razors too, which you can find below. We suggest you to catch it and after which, do watch another video just below it where Gillette announced that those technologies are too dangerous for razors. You know what? This could very well be an April Fool’s Day prank, but it is not. I mean it is a prank of sort, but not quite for that significant. But seriously, I won’t mind an Iron Man or Thor razor without the technology, or even the FlexBall technology.

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