Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5

Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5 by Gold & Co.
Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5 | from 17,000 Dhs |

with millions of iPhone 5 being snapped up as we speak, millions of folks will be using the exact same phone as you, much to the displease of the individualist in you, however, you could change that and outshine the rest of the ‘commoner’s’ iPhone 5 with the 24 karat gold-plated Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5 offered up by London-based gold-plating specialist, Gold & Co. this pair of luxe up gadgets will be officially unveiled at the Collector’s Palace in Dubai Mall on the September 27, with official sale via Gold & Co. authorized dealers including Damas in the Middle East, Evolve Lifestyle Group in India, as well as G&C London office (not to be confused with GNC – just thought we should clear the air) in Hong Kong. the Gold & Co.’s creation is available in a choice of 24k gold or rose gold with each custom handset individually numbered and comes in a handcrafted wooden box, complete with a certificate of authenticity. as for the price, expect the yellow gold and black model to wipe out 17,000 Dhs (around US$4,630) from your bank account, while the rose gold and white model will set you back at a slightly dearer 18,500 Dhs (about US$5,040) a piece – making this duo as the most expensive iPhone 5 to date. honestly, even though we could not afford them, those price tags didn’t really knock us off our feet as we have read and heard of way more outrageously priced custom iPhone 4/4S before. speaking of which, we are guessing many luxe makers will be churning out even more heavily luxe up and ridiculously priced iPhone 5 pretty soon. click through for a few more look.

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