You know how is it with some video doorbells. They alert you on just about anything. It is frustrating and distracting. But with the new battery-powered Nest Video Doorbell, it is able to differentiate between people, animals, vehicles, and even packages, so that you’d get the alerts that are relevant to you.

Google Battery-powered Nest Video Doorbell

In addition, with Nest Aware, the new video doorbell from Google can also notify you, if you so choose to, when a familiar face is at the door. Smart. Moreover, thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, you will be able to talk and listen to whoever is at the door anywhere in your home or even when you are away.

Nest Video Doorbell is wire-free. With it being battery-powered, this new video doorbell affords a hassle-free installation. There’s a caveat though; it does not come with a doorbell chime.

Google Battery-powered Nest Video Doorbell

Audible alerts will be via your phone, or you can pair it up with any Google Assistant-enabled speakers our displays for the alert. However, it can be wired up to your existing chime if you so desire.

Finally, this device is built to withstand the assault of the Earthly weather. The new Google Battery-powered Nest Video Doorbell is now available to buy for US$179.99.

Google Battery-powered Nest Video Doorbell

Images: Google.

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