There’s a new board game in town, but it is not the kind of board game you are accustomed with. The Gravity Warfare, as it is called, is somewhat like a cross between Jenga and traditional board game. And the board? It balances on a stand. The board is where player tokens will be placed. Now, as you can imagine. It is not easy. This game is delicate. It is a game that challenges players’ dexterity and strategy. Here’s how it the game is the overview of the game:

“Gravity Warfare is a competitive strategy board game with a take-that mechanic in which you have total control of how difficult or easy the game is for other players.”

And here’s how it is played, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“First, players simple agree on the points needed to win and the player to reach the goal is the winner… during the game, players can give you challenges to make your turn much harder to complete (blinded, while spinning the board, or a combination of challenges, etc). The more pieces on the board, the more challenging the game becomes.”

Each player will be assigned with an army set consisting of six tokens and five random cards. On the roll of the dice, a player will learn which token to use and where on the board it needs to be placed. During this time, competing players will dish out challenges to make sure it ain’t a walk in the park for you. In this game, your fellow players may seem like your enemies, but the true nemesis here is in fact gravity. Already, it sounds like a thrilling and fun game.

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Gravity Warfare Balancing Board Game

The startup behind this innovative board game has taken to Kickstarter to gather funds to take it to production. If you like what you see, you want to consider backing Gravity Warfare and pre-order a copy. To secure a copy, you will need to drop $39-50. The campaign is funded and it has 13 days to go on the calendar. Skip ahead for the product pitch video to learn more.

Images courtesy of Gravity Warfare.

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