you must be thinking: ‘hails? nah. we are safe in this part of the world!’ well, we got bad news for you, dude. the world’s climate is totally screwed and nowhere is any safer these days. damn. even Thailand suffers from projectiles fired off from the sky every now and so, don’t be surprised when Mother Nature decides to pull that forces on you and when that happens, the Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System will be what you ever wanted for your precious ride. for those in stateside, the purchase of this inflatable armor comes with a free lifetime subscription to the National Weather Service where you will be warned in advanced of any impending hailstorm. when not deployed, it doubles as a regular car cover and drapes over your car like, well, a regular car cover, albeit looking a bit like the grand drape that came off the Metropolitan Opera House (but we are absolutely fine by that). powered by AA batteries, cigarette lighter outlet, or AC outlet, it takes only a few minutes to inflate the Hail Protector, turning it into a giant cocoon that should keep your ride safe, or at least minimizes any damage that those nasty icy stones will inflict. as a regular car cover, it will shield your four-wheel friend from UV, water and is totally breathable to prevent moisture and heat build up. arriving soon with a price tag starting from $299. see the Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System in action in the embedded video below, or head on to their official website to learn more.

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Hail Storm Products via Gear Patrol

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