you can grab a plain bottle opener and be done with it, but why do that when there is one that can do a whole lot of other things apart from popping open bottles? bottles, meet your new best friend, OneKlip Multifunction Bottle Opener. so what does OneKlip do you asked? a lot of things, but lets begin with its construction: a minimal stainless steel that’s stamped and molded into a one-piece contemporary design and as such, we guess you could call OneKlip an unibody multifunction bottle opener. and now what it does. the obvious: popping caps off bottles. the not-so-obvious: a fridge magnet, a money clip, a card holder, seals up your half-eaten munchies, magnetically holds your favorite cap and display it as a badge of honor on your belt or pocket, and creative uses such as stacking up a couple of credit cards, oriented in the same direction, thereby creating a RFID jammer of sort. we are not sure how’s the effect of the strong magnet on credit cards, but we are going to assume that the cards are just fine living with their nemesis. its maker, Screwpop Tool, also suggest that OneKlip could be used to spice up your drinking session with a few creative games based on this bottle opener. well, lets just say, this part will probably happen when 1) we ran out of darts; and 2) we are super drunk, but nevertheless, a useful suggestion. most importantly, it is multifunction and looks sleek, which kind of makes you the coolest dude owning one. the OneKlip Multifunction Bottle Opener can be yours from just $15 each.

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