Hard Graft Zip Wallet

Hard Graft Zip Wallet All Grey
Hard Graft Zip Wallet | £120.00 | www.hardgraft.com

as far as men’s ego goes, a wallet speaks a lot about that one man. having a torn out $2 wallet makes look, well… super uncool – that’s to put it as gentle as possible so as not to rub your ego on the asphalt. however, a stylish wallet such as the Hard Graft Zip Wallet you see here, could make all the difference between leaving a good impression to your date and/or all others who will have a glimpse of it (like the check out cashier, for example) and leaving an impression that those aforementioned people rather not have or will regret having. the most attractive quality about this wallet is, it is not a wallet with monogram stamped all over and it doesn’t not cost half a grand but still it will gather as much attention and most importantly, sets you apart from the brand-slaves (hey, no offense cos’ we are part brand-slaves too). crafted from premium vegetable tanned leather sourced from Italy with most of the process done by hand by Italian artisans, this uber-stylish wallet features quick access credit card slots, an oversized zip compartment for your coins (yes, contrary to popular believe, men do have coins and quite a lot of them too), and of course, the mandatory slot for the full length of your bills. and despite bearing those features, it is still of a reasonably small-sized package, measuring just 10.5 cm by 9.5 cm (4.13″ by 3.74″). available in popular Hard Graft styles of Heritage and All Grey, and can be yours for £120 or US$190 for you Yankees out there. as usual, pretty stuff always deserves a few more closer look, which you can find below.

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