Well, what do you know? James Cameron has took to CES 2020 to reveal the concept art of the sequel to the world’s number two film, Avatar. That’s right. We finally has something to look forward to after a decade on.

It may surprise you that we are seeing concept art pieces now when the film is set to hit the theaters in 2021 (which will make it 12 years after the first box office-breaking flick was released).

Avatar official account on Twitter also posted the concept art with the caption “In the #Avatar sequels, you won’t just return to Pandora — you’ll explore new parts of the world.” Intriguing…

Concept art pieces clearly show new landscapes, and if you look closely at the last image, it will also have new sea-based creature too. Obviously, I was a fan. I even picked up the Blu-ray copy, but that was a decade ago, I am not sure if I am as elated now, let alone next year. One thing for sure is, the CGI this time should be more eye-watering and you bet I will be looking forward to that.

Images: Twitter (@officialavatar).

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