Hermès Yoga Bag And Mat

What do you get for a yogi who has it all? Well, if you ask me, my guess would be the Hermès Yoga Bag And Mat that cost a cool 26,800 Canadian dollars. Yes. You read that right. That’s just under US$20,000 for a seemingly mundane yoga mat that’s basically sweat soaker. You better believe it. You realize that amount could be someone’s pay for a year, or maybe, half a year?

Hermès Yoga Bag And Mat

In return for 20 grand, you get a proper Hermès yoga mat in latex that looks like have cork material in the mix (though Hermès did specifically indicated as such) and a luxurious shoulder carry leather bag for you to lug along. It looks like the mat is reinforced with stitched leather on all four corners for durability with a touch of class. How’s that for the ultimate luxury in yoga? I mean, the amount the French high fashion label is asking, not so much about the product.

Anyways, now you know where to splurge on the most mundane stuff. That’s not exclusive to Tiffany & Co. no more, isn’t it?

Images: Hermès.

Source: Luxury Launches.