HOON’s fashion arcade stick for fashion-chic gamers

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(image credit: HOON) HOON vs Neo Legend Arcade Stick | US$tbc | www.hoon.fr

we never thought a gaming controller could be pimped out any further but the HOON arcade stick proves us wrong. born out of collaborations between French luxury fashion goods firm, HOON and video game specialist NEO LEGEND, this arcade stick controller is hand-made out of blue lacquered oak and wrapped in genuine ostrich leather with its controller hardware from Sanwa.
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the HOON VS NEO LEGEND arcade stick is designed to work with PS3, XBox 360 as well as PC and is slated for release on the February 18, 2011. if you are planning to lay your hands on one of this pimped up arcade stick, you can contact HOON to pre-order, however there are no words on its pricing but lacquered oak coupled with ostrich leather doesn’t sound cheap to us.

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