When people drive or walk past your premises, they often make a split-second decision about whether to come inside. These decisions can make or break your business, and if your business doesn’t have curb appeal, you simply won’t get the levels of foot traffic that you need to become profitable.

Here are some ways you can make your businesses’ exterior more appealing and attract more people into your location.

How To Improve Your Businesses Curb Appeal
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Get a Great Sign
Signage is key to getting people into your business. If people are specifically looking for your business and they can’t find it, they may give up and go to a competitor. If people are driving around feeling hungry and they see a sign for a restaurant that sounds appealing, they may pull over and decide to eat there, without even knowing anything about the place. Installing an eye-catching LED sign from Guthman Signs is an excellent way of drawing people towards your business so you can then dazzle them with your amazing customer service.

Offer Free Parking
It’s frustrating to see a store where you want to browse, or a restaurant that looks really great, only to find that there’s no parking. The average American driver spends 17 hours a year looking for parking, which is a waste of fuel and often puts customers in a bad mood before they even step into your premises. If you’re in a location like a strip mall, see if you can get some parking assigned just to you. In downtown areas, parking can be especially tough. You may be able to get permission to add some more spaces outside your store, or you could validate parking for those who park nearby, giving people an incentive to spend money at your business.

How To Improve Your Businesses Curb Appeal
Photo by vedanti via Pexels.

Keep Things Neat and Tidy
When people pull up outside your building, they don’t want to see overgrown shrubs, peeling paint or a grubby exterior. Make sure the outside of your building is well-maintained, ensuring that you make the best possible first impression.

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Create a Welcoming Entrance
When people stand outside your building, it’s important that they’re drawn inside, so make sure it’s easy to come inside and there’s nothing in the way. There are plenty of pictures of inspirational entryways online, which will give you an idea of what works for different businesses, but in general you’ll need a clear passage so people know where to go and somewhere where they can be greeted. For example, a station where people can wait to be seated in a restaurant, or a small waiting area for people who have an appointment scheduled. This ensures people don’t mill about, unsure where to go next, or give up and leave.

Update Your Window Displays
Something that often draws in passers-by is interesting window displays. Consider updating them and creating seasonal themes. Even a few decorations around different holidays can make a big impact, bringing in people who are full of festive cheer.

The front of your store is often the first thing people see associated with your business, so make sure they get the best possible impression.

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