selfie fanatics rejoice, for iLuv has the product that’s designed to take your selfie career to the next level. meet iLuv selfy, a protective case for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S5 that features a remote shutter integrated to the back of the case. in a non-selfie scenario, the case’s dual-layer, shock absorbent design protects your phone against bumps and knocks in a sleek form and whenever the selfie bug bites, just slide out the included remote shutter and shoot away. while there are no lacking of such remote in the market, iLuv selfy is the first to be integrated into the case so you will never forget this selfie must-have accessory all the time. the remote shutter connects to your device via Bluetooth and works with native camera app, so you can save yourself the hassle of messing with third-party apps.

iLuv selfy

but that’s not all iLuv has to offer; it has a whole ecosystem in place just to make sure you get that perfect selfie every time. along with the iLuv selfy, iLuv also introduces a series of accessories for this accessory (yes. accessories for an accessory), including a mini tripod mount, bar mount for bicycle and motorcycle, helmet mount, as well as car mount. now, this is the part that surprises us. instead of a generic mount, such as those adjustable clamp-type design, which is obviously the easy way out, iLuv has designed the aforementioned accessories with a special mount that slides into the void left by the remote shutter when it is removed. the iLuv selfy for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S5 is available now for $49.99 a pop. iPad Air and iPad mini users can look forward to similar products coming their way which will cost $79.99 and $69.99, respectively. prices for the mounts start at $19.99 and runs up to $24.99.

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iLuv selfy - accessories

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