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while we embrace the age of digital imaging, we’d miss the joy of instant print imaging even though both the new and old technology offers the same level of instant gratification. perhaps, it was the artsy, lo-fi image of the instant print images that captures us or perhaps, it was the anticipation, albeit a very short one, of seeing the photo develops right in your palm that excites us. at this point, we’d wish that our iPhone could print in an instant, in all its lo-fi glory just like the good old Polaroid cameras. this is where the Impossible Instant Lab comes in. it is nifty image transfer contraption that promised to turn any image on your iPhone’s screen into a Polaroid-style photo on a physical instant film. all you have to do is to launch the dedicated app, slide your iPhone into the purpose-built cradle, pull the shutter and wait for the image transferring process to complete. once the transfer is done, a simple gesture of hitting the print button will have a Polaroid-style photo greeting you with the image that is going to magically appear in a matter of few seconds. a built-in lithium-ion battery offers up to 150 prints on a single charge and is compatible with instant film for Polaroid 600 and SX70 cameras. the team behind this wonderful device is none other than the brave folks who took up the challenge to revive Polaroid and they have taken this project to Kickstarter. with a pledge of $189 or more, the Impossible Instant Lab can be yours. though you have to hurry as the special price tag of $189 is limited to just 1,111 units, after which it will set you back at $229. so, don’t deliberate for too long. scroll down for a pledge video to convince yourself, and probably your wife, why should you be putting your hard-earned money for one of these.

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