I know it sounds totally odd, but Apple CarPlay has arrived to Indian Motorcycle. Starting with the America’s First Motorcycle Company’s year 2020 lineup of bikes outfitted with the 7” Ride Command system.

I guess, Apple should totally rename Apple CarPlay to Apple AutoPlay. I mean, this is an age of inclusivity, is it not? And naming matters.

Anyways… Apple CarPlay is now supported on 2020 Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger models with navigation.

Indian Motorcycle Apple CarPlay Integration
2020 Indian Motorcycle Challenger is one of the model receiving Apple CarPlay support.

With Apple CarPlay, riders using an iPhone can easily access Apple Music, Maps, send messages with Siri and more, through the Ride Command 7” screen and a supported Bluetooth headset (not included).

Along with Apple CarPlay, riders of the aforementioned 2020 models of Indian Motorcycle can also look forward to improved navigation location management, improved boot time, audio muting and control improvements, and widget size.

In addition, there is a new fuel economy widget as well as enhancement in search functionality within navigation.

Excited iPhone users who owns an Indian Motorcycle, or planning to procure one, can get in touch with your local Indian Motorcycle dealer for more information.

Image: Indian Motorcycle.

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