Infiniti range extending electric sports car concept

Infiniti Range Extending Electric Sports Concept 900x500px
(image: Infiniti) Infiniti concept range extending electric sports car | US$tba |

March 2012 is still quite a while away but Infiniti can’t wait to tease us with their “highly advanced, range-extending electric sports car concept” that is said to be under development and set to make its debut in next year’s Geneva Motor Show. though, details remain scant at this point in time but they do have a couple of teaser photos to show off. the goal of this upcoming concept is to create a high performance car with low emission with the help of electric motor. so motoring enthusiasts can enjoy high performance motoring without stricken by the guilt polluting the environment. i guess range extender is the way to go for now, until lithium batteries or any form of batteries can get a boost in storage capacities. anyway, hit past the jump for a couple of teaser photos.
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SOURCE: Infiniti

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