Infographic: What’s Apple actually worth?

Infographic: What's Apple actually worth? by Mac FORMAT
you know. talk about Apple never cease especially when its worth (as determined by the market) was made known and made even spicier by the fact that the Cupertino’s tech firm’s cash on hand is more than that of the U.S. government. then again, if the number of $619 billion (note the ‘b‘ not ‘m‘) doesn’t make any sense to the regular you, then the above infographic (click on the image for larger view) conjured up by Mac FORMAT should help average folks in understanding what this astronomical number represents (in real world terms). how does 389,000 Bugatti Veyrons sounds? or 374 million ounces of gold? or perhaps, 343 Dallas Cowboys or for those who prefer, in Queen’s terms, 257 Manchester United? and for those everyday street folks, it would also mean a month worth of sausage rolls for every man, woman and children on Earth. now we are talking…

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