If you have watched the anime Initial D, you will know is it serious stuff. Serious stuff as in it isn’t a comedy, well, aside from his best friend Itsuki’s occasional hilarious nonsense.

Initial E (Eraser) Deja Vu Parody Comedy Short

It is a good anime. But today, you are going to watch Initial D like you never seen before. Folks, this is the Initial E (Eraser) Deja Vu (頭文字E イニシャル・イー) by Japanese YouTube channel Games Effect.

Initial (Eraser) Deja Vu is hilarious parody of a drift scene that is staple to the anime, played out in a classroom with everyday classroom objects, including erasers (hence the name Initial E (Eraser)) to reenact the drifting cars and protractor for speedometer.

Initial E (Eraser) Deja Vu Parody Comedy Short

Some kids flip erasers in school, while some “race” erasers. But this creative bunch here “drift” with erasers. Absolutely hilarious! So hilarious that it would be a crime not to share! And share we shall.

Hit the jump for the aforementioned video. Try not to laugh out loud.

Images: YouTube (Games Effect).

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