how do you rate your external hard drive’s vulnerability? we are guessing, if it’s a desktop external hard drive, the risk is pretty much next to naught but if for some profound reasons, you find that your data stored in a bunch of electronic circuitry, wrapped in a tin (well, sometime, plastic) can need to take the beating of both fire and water, then the ioSafe SOLO G3 External Hard Drive is the external hard drive of choice for you. beyond its unassuming appearance, this external storage is fireproof up to 1,550°F (about 840+ in celsius) for 30 minutes and take a dunk in a water down to 10 feet for up to 72 hours. apart from that, the ioSAFE SOLO G3 also offers a near silent operation with its fanless FloSafe Vent Design, a 3.5 SATA hard drive with up to 3TB capacity, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity (USB 2.0 backward compatibility, of course), built-in Kensington security slot, bolt down floor mount option for enhanced theft deterrence and ioSafe Data Recovery Service, which offers up to $2,500 for forensic recovery. but that of course, requires you to sign up with ioSafe Data Recovery Service Plan. all these peace-of-mind features come with a starting price tag of just $299.99 for the 1TB model and runs up to $449.99 for the 3TB model.

ioSafe via Uncrate

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