iPhone 4 slippers case turns your iPhone into a, well, slipper

iPhone 4 Slippers plastic case 544x388px
(credit: via GeekAlerts) iPhone 4 Slippers Plastic Case | US$10.00 | shop.brando.com

there are the iPhone cases and then there are the novelty iPhone cases. you can either go for former and look like everyone else or you can choose the latter, like this iPhone 4 slippers case and be uniquely individual. fashion protects your iPhone 4 while looking like a slipper, albeit being a little too squarish. the slipper strap also act as a holding strap too and it is totally removable when desired. available in several translucent hues, including blue, yellow, red, green, orange, ice and black to suit a variety of taste. oh, the ‘ice’ is basically transparent but the strap is in black though. looks kinda fun and it cost just $10 a pop. another prove that you don’t need to shell out tons of money to look cool.

iPhone 4 Slippers plastic case 544x311px

via GeekAlerts

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