SoundFreaq Sound Platform: minimalist and well rounded

SoundFreaq Sound Platform
(photos: SoundFreaq) SoundFreaq SFQ-01 Sound Platform | US$229.00 |

touted as the “most versatile home speaker in the world”, the Sound Platform from Sound Freaq offers four ways to fill your room with music: streaming via its Bluetooth connectivity from any Bluetooth-enabled devices, iPod dock, Aux In or the good old FM radio. under the hood of this minimalist sound dock is a pair of custom engineered 2.75-inch full-range drivers with built-in D-Class amplifier, dual chamber ports and SoundFreaq proprietary UQ3 DSP technology. adding to its versatility list is the ability to control the Sound Platform remotely either by its accompanied IR remote control unit or via a full remote control app for iPhone and iPad that’s available free on the AppStore. all these goodness has a surprisingly affordable price tag of just $229. more look at this beautiful sound dock after the break.

SoundFreaq via Uncrate

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