Iron Man Mk.39 Starbooster Cosplay Suit with “Hand Thrusters”

Post-2008 most cosplayed comic character is probably Iron Man and so far, most of them are impressive in their own right. But this one here, the Iron Man Mk.39 Starbooster Cosplay Suit by YouTuber Ehv Props & Dutch Props, stood out not only in the detail department but also functionality, well, sort of. Sort of because we all know that outfitting this rather underrated suit, or any other Iron Man suit for that matter, with the functions depicted in movies and comics is not possible and it most certainly can’t take to the sky, but at least it has ‘functional’ hand and jetpack thrusters to mimic the effect which makes it more ‘accurate’.

Of course, Ehv Props & Dutch Props is not first to do so, but at least it is the first for 2016 (and with lights!) as far as we know. The hand and jetpack thrusters’ effect, which looks like actual flames, are actually a combination of CO2 jet streams and lighting. Impressive. Now, we wait for someone to take it up several notches up by, say, hovering? Or perhaps, launch tiny missiles? We wait. In the meantime, enjoy the video embedded below the post.

YouTube via UNILAD