forget about airstream and whatever you know about a typical camper because if you really want to be the coolest camper in the great outdoor, the Jeep Action Camper by Thaler Design is the way to go. it is the tough and rugged Jeep you already familiar with but with a few ‘unnecessary’ things such as the original hardtop, tailgate, rear seats and seat belts, and the rear roll cage, ripped out and replaced by essentials necessary for your next expedition. despite its tight space constraint, it has everything any camper could have wished for: a king-size bed, a complete kitchen, bathroom, dining area and lots of storage space. basically, it is the perfect mobile home for the wild – if there are only two persons involved. other features include Jokon 730 LED fail-proof taillights, easy slide-in and out camper design (using harness and hoist, of course), doubled-walled windows with roller bug screens and reflective thermo roller curtains, and a pop-up roof that is tough enough to be stepped on. the Jeep Action Camper by Thaler Design is offered with a host of other options that would make your wilderness adventure even more comfy and convenient, and hence the price is price-on-application/request. so if you are all excited about it and resides in Stateside, you can submit your request via their official website. in the meantime, we invite you to a take a few more look in the gallery below.

Jeep Action Camper by Thaler Design via BlessThisStuff

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